Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Prayer Calendar

Here is a great idea for you to share at your next Ladies Meeting:

Create a Prayer Calendar for the month and keep it going as long as you can. This is a great way to bless one another as women.

Here are some tips:

* For each day of the month have a woman request a certain date for prayer. (If they do not have a specific need for a certain date, any date will suffice) For ex. If someone has a doctors apt. on a certain date- put their name on the date of that month. Etc…

* Only put one request per day. Providing only one woman per day will allow the women who receive the calendar to focus on that one need several times throughout the day.

* Make sure you make each lady feel comfortable. Do not go in to too much detail. Women can even request “unspoken”. God knows our hearts.

* If you find you have no more requests and 2 or more days left to fill on the calendar; in those dates put “Pray for our Country today” or “Pray for marriages today”.

I started my first one this month and e-mailed the request with a “given by date” of three days later. It became full before a full 24 hour period was up. We all need prayer and we all have more going on in our lives than we let anyone know.

We need to stand together, pray for one another, and stop the enemy in his track.

If you need a template please provide your e-mail in the comments section below and I will get one out to you asap.

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