Sunday, August 8, 2010

What’s In Your Purse?

I read a post “here" that led me "here"---

That post inspired me to do this post; What’s in your purse? So, I will show you guys my purse and what is in it and hope that you will do the same. It’s a fun little game—so let’s keep it going.

So, here is my purse:


And here is what is in it:


From the top:

Sunglasses, Wallet

Wal-Mart Receipt from today, Tylenol, Prilosec OTC (you will notice a stomach trend here in a minute), Crackers my grandmother left in my purse last week, Hand Sanitizer I bought from Wal-Mart today when I got raw chicken juice on my hands, Imodium

Hubby’s Pen (don’t tell him), Blow-Pop, Listerine Tooth Whitening Pen, Candy from Vet’s Office, Watkins Business Card, Heart Medication

Empty gum wrappers, Empty gum packet, Lipstick, Tums (notice the tummy trend yet?), lipgloss, a dime and two pennies, one earring (didn't realize I lost one until just now) and my cell phone.

So girlies, if you have a blog, link me “what’s in your purse” in the comment section.

Have Fun!!

Rachel Clark

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