Monday, August 16, 2010

A Little Much



Hold on and prepare for some reading because my month writing hiatus seems to be over as of today. (we shall see) But hang tight because this post may be long so I hope you have some time. Should you get bored with it…PLEASE PLEASE just skip down until you see Holy Experience” and begin reading from there. Most professional bloggers say that instead of one long post…break it down into parts…but my joy and excitement just wont contain today…so here we go….

As most of you may already know, in addition to my love for writing and blogging, I have fallen IN LOVE with photography. I am a total and complete amateur, but something about capturing a moment that is rare, beautiful, unique, quiet, still, soft, bold, strong, inspiring, and special thrills my soul.

So it is not ANY surprise to me whatsoever that God led me to my FAVORITE blog on the entire world of this thing we call the internet. Now, I know…that is a pretty bold statement. It is bold, especially since I have never nor could I ever possibly review all the blogs ever created. But still, I know it is my favorite because I know God loves to give me gifts to bless my heart (which sometimes come is the smallest of packages) and He knows my heart…so I know He led me here for a reason.

Are you ready yet? Are you dying to know my favorite blog???

Holy Experience

This blog gets me going every…single…time. Her poetic nature, her love for GOD first and foremost, her love for her family, for photography, for humanity, but mostly for simplicity….it thrills me!!!

Because to me, simplicity holds more beauty than anything with a large price tag on it.

One of the things I most certainly love about the site is Multitude Monday and the Gratitude Community. It is a One Thousand Gifts experience. Read more about it by clicking the banner at the bottom of my site.

I am jumping in on mine right now and will try to remain focused on what is going on in my life…RIGHT NOW:

One Thousand Gifts… (the beginning)

I am thankful for



When the door to past hurt closes


For the alarm system to my house that comes with sloppy kisses, joy, and devotion


For the way my “Tom and Jerry” –

Tucker and Ferguson get along so well


Moments of love and trust “caught” when no one is the wiser


I really encourage you to begin counting your way up to

 One Thousand Gifts

Love in Christ-



  1. Welcome to the Gratitude Community, Rachel! I love Mondays for this very reason :) I just got a new Compassion child today - and her name is the same as our granddaughter's - I just know that God has brought us together! I hope your week is filled with blessings and His presence.

  2. It's a beautiful gift -- counting to 1000. I love your pix -- especially that door . . . something beautiful abou it.