Monday, August 30, 2010

A Little Much Continued…


Today as I reflect on what I am most thankful for, I have realized that there are people I oftentimes neglect. People I expect every day to be here for me…readily available. Forgetting that we are not guaranteed tomorrow and that I should live in this moment and show gratitude for what/who I have been given!


11. My spouse…who has always forgiven me when I have hurt him. My spouse…who protects me. My spouse…who listens to me when I am hurting and need a friend. My spouse…who lets me be me and never judges. My spouse…who is the most thoughtful man I have ever known. My spouse…who is intelligent, a hard worker, and extremely talented.


12. My mom…who raised me in a Christian home. My mom…who taught me the importance of faith. My mom…who never gives up. My mom…who is a prayer warrior. My mom…who protects her family. My mom…who gave life to me.

SCAN0037 (2)

13. My dad…who treats me like his “little girl”. My dad…who makes me laugh so easily. My dad…who has a million nicknames for me.


14. My little sister… who is still 10 in my eyes and needs to stop growing. My little sister…who has a huge heart and deserves lots of love. My little sister….who is wonderful with children and as a teacher. My little sister…who is probably more responsible than I am.

15. My big brother…who is one of my greatest friends. My big brother…who now thinks I am cool (despite his lack of loving feelings towards me when I was little) My big  brother…who takes care of his family and gets his good looks from me (even though he was born first).


16. My stepdad…who takes care of his family. My stepdad…who will drop anything to take his grandchildren (my nieces and nephews) wherever they need to go. My stepdad…who always carries the bags when you go shopping.


17. My stepmom…who takes care of my dad. My stepmom…who loves to talk. My stepmom…who makes us all laugh.



18. My niece and nephews…who have my heart. My niece and nephews…who make life more fun and a lot more bright. My niece and nephews…who have me wrapped around their finger.


19. My In-Laws…who have huge hearts. My In-Laws…who diminish all the horror stories you hear about in-laws. My In-Laws…who are a great gift I received when I married my hubby.









20. My girlfriends…who soothe my soul. My girlfriends…who love me for me. My girlfriends…who respect me. My girlfriends…who encourage me. My girlfriends…who are strong and beautiful women with large hearts!!

ALL of my family and friends (even those not pictured). From grandparents to church family to immediate family and extended. I love each and every one of them wholeheartedly and forever and ever and ever…Amen


  1. Rachel,
    It's been awhile since I've bounced over and said hey. You've changed your blog! Love the new design. I also like how you included pictures on your list!

  2. Forgiveness wrapped in a hubby's love, truly rejoicing with you today.

    Delighted as always to splash around with you and drench myself in His goodness.


  3. What a wonderful post Rachel!

    Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for commenting on my blog. I responded to your comment on my blog.

    Hope you have a wonderful week!

  4. Love this post!! You have an awesome posse :) Thanks for sharing your fam with us through pictures and sweet memories.

    Have you have a great evening! Love ya ;)