Sunday, August 15, 2010

as of late


Kristen, the ExemplifyOnline Editor shared with us what she has been loving, learning and listening to “as of late.” Check it out!

She also wants us to link up what we have been experiencing lately also.

Lately: I have been spending more time in the kitchen doing what I love; cooking.

Lately: I have been really bored even though I could think of a million things to do.

Lately: I have literally ‘dreamed’ A-LOT that I visit Italy….

Lately: I have been digging around for a good book or a good movie.

Lately: I have been seeking to draw closer to God and realizing that when I do not feel “that close” to Him---it is due to sin in my life.

Lately: I have taken a break from writing devo’s and inspirational blogs because my heart is yearning…and I want to ensure I am “making it ALL about Him and NONE about me.”

Lately: I have been patiently waiting and asking for God to lead me where He wants me to go and give me the words to say when I get there.

Lately: I have been thinking that there are two things that I would love to take a day out of my life to do: 1. Delve into a pool of powdered sugar---not because I want to eat it…but because it is so soft and cool… 2. Be 16-18 yrs. old again and ride around all day and all night in my friends car listening to music, talking and laughing and not worrying about gas prices or budgets.

Lately: I have been craving tons of fun!!



  1. Lately:I have stepped out of my comfort zone and have met some wonderful people in doing so.

    Lately:I have learned what faith really is. When nothing else can get me through....God has.

    Lately:I have enjoyed my family by doing a lot less cleaning and a lot more playing!

    Lately:I am realizing just how important and amazing the women are in my life.

    Rachel-you no longer have to dig for a good book....REDEEMING LOVE!!!!

    Also, you can come ride in my car and jam out to music anytime! Problem's a mini an these days. Lol!

    Much love~Abby

  2. Abby- as long as it is with you, it could be a tricycle...i don't care & i will see if i can get reedeming love

  3. Ooh, that would be fun to jump into a pool of powdered sugar. And eat it. ;)

  4. That bored though there are a million things I could do? That is me a lot of the time...and I don't literally dream of visiting Italy, but oh how I would love to. Italy and Greece are two places I desperately want to visit in my lifetime.

    Great As of Late!

  5. I am always digging around for a good book or movie. It's my thing.

    Cooking is one of my favorite things to is fun and comforting.

    Nice to meet you Rachel!

  6. Well, if you're looking for a good movie...may I suggest..."The Young Victoria"! I loved this flick and it is a chic movies pulling at the heart strings! Powdered sugar???? Too funny!!! I think it would get awfully sticky! You have a wonderful day sister!

  7. Powdered sugar, eh? Hmmmm. And waiting for God's leading is hard, but SO rewarding. LOVE this meme.

  8. I've been thinking a lot about how my writing is for God's glory and not my own. It is such a hard thing sometimes -- I yearn for the world's acclamation, and yet, I only need the approval and love of One.

  9. I would love to jump into some powdered sugar too. Though, to eat it!