Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Prayer

Lord-I can’t understand why someone would not need you in their life. It is incomprehensible to me how anyone can walk their day to day life without you near to them. You provide peace through fear. You give love to cancel out hatred. You set the example of a life to lead; a life that is good. You provide a heart that heals.
As a Christian, the path I am to take is for my benefit. I see that helping others not only blesses you and them…but also, me. I understand that sharing you with others is necessary to plant seeds. I know that following your commandments not only honors you, but helps me.
When I fail, you pick me up. When I am afraid, you bring security. When I am hurt, you give peace. When I am tired; rest. You show me right from wrong. It is ingrained within me to hate evil and love good. The peace that comes from that knowledge cannot be described in words.
Teach me how to show others, You! Give me a heart that thirsts to know you more. Give me knowledge to separate the world’s views from your views. For I know that it is within gaining your understanding of this life, that the next to come depends on my trust and faith in you. Keep me humbled and not proud or boastful when it comes to my relationship with you. Never let me get too far removed from your hand that I slip away. Lead me closer each day to you and your safe haven. Teach me to give you constant honor and glory; to lead a selfless life…putting you first and others second.
Thank you for allowing me to grow up in an environment where I can distinguish in my adult life the gift you afforded me as a child. The gift of a Christian home, the freedom to worship, and the knowledge that I can never do anything that you won’t forgive me of when I ask.
I love you and your beautiful spirit. Again, help me to lead others to know what joy there is with you. To see this world has nothing for us that compares to the majesty of Heaven.
In Jesus Name!

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