Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bad News and Good News

Well, I wanted to start a site where I could connect with women of all ages and races coming together with one common goal; to glorify Christ. A place where we could share what God is doing in our lives.

I began several months ago and it has been a great place to meet new women. I have really enjoyed the conversations, pictures, videos and blogs we all shared.

Unfortunately, Ning is setting the site up where members must pay. It is just not within my budget to do so at this time. So, I have asked all the ladies from Ning to come on over to Seeking Peace and sign up.

I feel in a way that this is better because it eliminates having too many sites to make sure are running properly and being updated. So this site will remain what it has always been and will have more added.

I want women to sign up and feel free to discuss, ask questions, share and get to know one another. I will still allow blog posts from others and will approve them and have a “featured blogger for the day” section. So please ladies, still feel free to share. My contact information for questions or blog submissions is

If you were not a previous member of allforChrist that doesn’t mean you can’t join us now. Please sign up and we’ll get started! The Ning site will be deleted the first of July. If you are a previous member…WELCOME and thanks for coming over.

To begin our process and start sharing..please leave a comment on the following so we can get to know one another and new members. Thanks, Welcome, and God Bless!

“God’s creations appease all senses. Besides touch… smell is an amazing gift. It can evoke memories, brighten our day, and calm us down. What is your favorite scent?”

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