Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Low on Dough???

My never-ending cycle of laundry is driving me bananas. The separating, washing, drying, folding and putting them up has me about to scream. The sad thing is this is only a household of two. I don’t know what I would do if there were more clothes to wash. I feel so sorry for those of you with more to do than me.
Everyday seems so routine doesn’t it? Wake up, get the coffee, eat breakfast, get dressed, and start the day over with the same things to do. I used to couldn’t wait to be a grown up with my own house when I was little. But I don’t remember signing up for this….lol.
However, I don’t really think we are intended to live life this way. Sure, there are responsibilities we can’t avoid and that require daily attention. But let’s put some fun back in to our lives. Small things, even. It doesn’t have to be costly. (And who can afford much these days?) The other night my hubby and I ordered cheap dinner and then rode to various locations in our town and took pictures together. It was really fun.
Here are some fun ideas for things you can do with the family or as a date night:
1. Do what we did and eat cheap (order off the dollar menu) drive around town and get out and take some pictures.
2. Have a picnic.
3. Make S’mores.
4. Bake up some brownies and divide them evenly and take them around to friends, family or neighbors.
5. Have a weekly game night (charades or Pictionary ideas can be printed for free off the net)
6. Bring the mattress into the living room and let everyone pile up on it and have a movie marathon.
7. Stay in your pajama’s all day long and make breakfast, lunch and dinner with goodies in between to snack on all day while watching TV and NOT cleaning.
8. Have finger foods one night instead of making dinner.
9. Go to dollar store and buy all $1.00 items to spice up family dinner time. You can find a lot of themed items there…have a luau night.
10. Make a family mission statement and give everyone a copy.
11. Visit a free museum.
12. Make a fort out of blankets or camp out outside.
13. Write encouraging notes and mail them to friends and family.
14. Do a puzzle together as a family.
15. Go rollerblading or bike riding or walk in the woods.
Enjoying life and being content, even when the bank account is low, is what God wants us to do. Part of Philippians 4:11 says….For I have learned in whatever situation I am to be content. (Content means happy, satisfied and pleased)

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