Sunday, April 4, 2010

My Resurrection?

Oh, how selfish am I?
God has taken a hold of my heart this morning to show me how truly selfish I am. I am not in a place in my walk of faith that I need to be. I have worried over things going on in my life that are out of my control. Asking God to take hold, but trying to direct His way.
Worrying over what is mine and things I may loose. Convicted this morning that nothing is mine, it is all His and I have to surrender my everything. Take up my cross and follow Him. He took up His cross and said "My heart is ready, Father." He gave His life so that I could have mine. What an ultimate sacrifice He made.

This morning I stumbled across a devotional that touched me in ways I can not express. God led me to a place on His "Resurrection Day" that blindsided me. Thinking and wanting to be inspired by His death and resurrection led me to see what I must do to "die to myself" so that I may be reborn. Honestly, "my heart was not ready" for this. My conviction took hold of my heart and grabbed it like a vice, honest pain surged through me. Pain from shame and fear. Shame, for my actions and the realization that there are times in my life that I do not fully trust. Fear, that I would lose hope should I be called to suffer greatly for my Lord.

I ask that you read the following post:

It really touched me this morning. It showed me where I fail as a Christian. I am thankful for Christ's ultimate sacrifice and His resurrection that showed me how to really follow Him.

May it show you the things in your life that you need to surrender so you may be resurrected. God Bless!

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