Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Yellows, Blues, Greens, and Reds
With the sun shining and the weather warmer, I am welcoming Spring with a gait in my step. Around me I am seeing the beauty of all of God’s wonderful creations. Grass is turning from dead to alive, flowers are blooming colors all around me, the days are longer and warmer and my heart is lighter.
My “wild” flower bouquet placed in my Mason jar lifts my spirit. The joy of this simplicity is more than I can explain. Sitting in my living room with only my screen door protecting me from the elements outside, keeping the bugs at bay and flooding my home with fresh air and sunshine is refreshing to my soul.

It is bliss with fruits and vegetables filling my belly, grilling fish and chicken and sitting down with family to share a meal. Flip flops as the only protection for my feet, and a splash of orange on my toes to brighten my mood. White tees and blue jeans rolled up, changing my hair color from drab to fab and the desire to get out and walk!
The simple fact that the noises (some funny, some beautiful) of the birds welcoming the day, are not an aggravation as they used to be when I was younger and demanded sleep. Seeing them fight over food and play tricks on one another to get the last bite makes me giggle.
Playing outside with my animals, seeing my nieces and nephews in their spring attire, Little League Baseball games, and red Georgia dirt dusting across my feet brings a smile across my face.
Little girls and boys are running in the yard laughing with fits of sneezes from pollen; the musical selection of nature’s symphony orchestrator.
Most of all, the warmth, the sights and smells, the comfort, the relaxation and the joy in my heart which reminds me of Easter. Dogwoods are in bloom with their little reminders to us of Christ’s crucifixion and the Sun bright and beaming, displaying the fulfillment of His resurrection.

These are my favorite things about Spring!

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