Saturday, April 24, 2010

Fruit Bearing Tree

The faith of our fathers was founded in patience. They knew what it meant to grow in Christ and allow Him to fertilize their spirituality. They waited in prayer as the Lord began producing fruit one at a time. They did not try to focus on how much fruit they would receive, rather, they looked to the root; to the foundation. They recognized when God had not allowed them knowledge in certain areas of their faith, and they patiently waited on His timing.

I wonder how many Christians today do the same thing. Or how many of us jump ahead in an area of faith we are not comfortable with and then become despondent with the results?

I know that even though God is pleased with my passion to witness for Him in an area I am not equipped with and that He smiles at my efforts even when I fall short, I recognize now that if I share what He has brought me through; something I have experienced firsthand with Him, that results will fabricate.

It is similar to my passion for cooking. I could teach you how to make lasagna that will melt in your mouth from memory. I know you would love it because I am experienced in it and have tried it. However, I can’t teach you how to make a Bolognese Chicken Pot Roast and guarantee you’ll love it without knowledge of the recipe and experiencing it first myself.

Sharing God with others is a passion. I want to set the world on fire for Him. I want to be the one person who encourages others to vow to change the world. Passionate to share the joy and peace only He can provide to the heartbroken and weary. I remain fervent to show negativity the beauty of hope.

However, in certain areas, I try to rush my growth in Christ. I think my spirituality should be as strong as the woman whose walk with the Lord is deeper than mine. I find at times I cannot wait with patience for the fruit of my tree to appear. I stand by and watch it, willing it to produce. Instead of being concerned with the root and its protection, I see that I am expecting branches weighted with production well before its time.

Psalm 3 “He shall be like a tree...that brings forth its fruit “in its season”…and whatever he does (then) shall prosper.”

All too many times I see where I am rushing ahead of Christ. I want to talk with someone about their problems and steer them on the right course, when I am not well equipped to handle their situation because God has not led me down that path.

No danger of frost. Well drained; soil that is not water logged. Direct sunlight in warm conditions; providing sufficient room to grow. Only clean roots, clean soil and fresh water in the beginning. Removing all damaged or rotted roots prior to planting. The root of the tree is where it all begins. It provides a foundation for growth. Protection and proper conditions are essential for the basis. A good fruit bearing tree will not thrive without the proper edification from the root.

“…but great and sturdy souls withal who managed to achieve satisfying spiritual experience and do a lot of good in the world in spite of their handicaps…” (From The Best of Tozer compiled by Warren Wiersbe)

A great and sturdy soul is one who is relying on the root planted deep in the soil. A greater witness, a more effective helper is one who waits patiently on the Lord to produce the fruit. And there are ways we grow our faith and learn patience.

We must be in God’s word.
Trust Him through our trials.
Recognize our hardships are learning experiences.
Rely on Him to help us produce greater works in His time.

A good life is a fruit bearing tree… Proverbs 30:11. A fruit bearing tree is taken care of and planted firm by the roots, growing and producing each bloom one by one, in its own time.

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