Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bursting Forth

(In)Courage ( is running a creative contest this month. It was really fun to be challenged and let my creative juices flow. Some of you may recognize the sonnet below is similar to my post "Lighthearted"

I wrote "Lighthearted" the other day out of nowhere and when I saw this opportunity, I just had to use bits of it. I felt so strongly the other day while writing "Lighthearted" not to make it in to a sonnet.

fruits; vegetables filling my belly
grilled fish and chicken, gathering loved ones
splashes of lemon with side dishes, green
decadent desserts offering delight

flip flops the only defense for my feet
red Georgia clay dusting across my toes
tots in spring attire; little league games
invitation from the suns warmth received

wildflower bouquet in a Mason Jar
a dogwood’s bloom; the reminder of Christ.
sneezes from pollen a musical note
yellows, blues, greens, and reds create contentment

joy of this simplicity more than words
presents completion; He’s Resurrected


  1. Creative and lovely...the words jump off the page making pictures in my mind.

  2. Wonderful, evocative words that bring images immediately to mind!

  3. I can see you had fun with this.

  4. how nice! I was there in my mind!

    {I can't wear flip flops anymore (we called them thongs when I was a kid!) -- and I get a bit misty eyed reading about them.}