Sunday, December 6, 2009

Spirit Gift

One of the most memorable Christmases I remember was a Christmas full of giving. Each year I would gather my girlfriends together at my home for a get together. We usually would bring a gift and play Stingy Santa. (If you never played, you bring a gift, write the amount of numbers as there are people, draw a number and pick presents in the order of the number you have. If you got a higher number than the person before you, you could choose if you wanted to pull a gift from the pile or steal a person’s gift who went before you if you liked their gift a lot)
Anyway, one year I asked the women to bring $10 a piece instead of a gift. We had appetizers and chatted for a while. Then we all loaded up and went shopping for coats until the money ran out and delivered them to a local school. I think we received more of a blessing than the children who received the free coats for the winter. We each were moved by the gift of giving.
There are so many people in need each and every day. Right now I know people who are in jeopardy of losing their home and people who are in great pain and can’t afford a doctor’s visit. I know people who need groceries, warm clothes, or those who can’t afford to provide a Christmas for their children. Each year there are people who go in debt shopping above their means for Christmas. They start the day after Thanksgiving and they don’t stop until the day before Christmas. I say this because before that has been me. But, that Christmas of giving, I learned something important; giving to those less fortunate is more of a gift than anyone could ever imagine. It changed my attitude and the way I gave for Christmases to come.
This year, I wish above ALL that along with sharing God’s love with others, that I could provide for a child or family again. I would love to be able to help some of these people I know, but financially, I am not in a place to do that. And it has made me reevaluate the way I spent money in the past. God has taught me a valuable lesson.
Now that I am in a different situation financially than in the past due to my husband’s long and unexpected lay off, I am thirsting more now than ever; to give. I know this season in our life will pass and I am grateful for this struggle. I thank God for it; because, it has opened my eyes to the changes I will make in my life when God guides us back to financial blessings.
What I can offer of myself this year is my time, God’s love and the message of Christmas. I am thankful for this opportunity God has given me to reevaluate my past habits and change them for the better. I challenge you; if you are able financially to help someone this year, please do. Whether it is a small gift or a large one, I know that if someone needs it….it doesn’t matter how much you can do….it will bless their lives!!! And, I promise the blessing in your spirit that you will receive will be greater than you could ever imagine.

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