Saturday, December 19, 2009

Oh! Yeah!

So I woke this morning before six o’clock and sleepy-eyed, let the dog out to potty. I walked to the coffee pot and attempted to make a pot of coffee without spilling any water or coffee grounds. As I tried to make my way to the coffee pot, I noticed the sink was overflowing with dishes that had food stuck to it. It looked as if the plates were trying to grow produce.
(Who let them sit there for two days? Ewwww)
So I emptied and loaded the dishwasher as the coffee was brewing.
Scratch, Scratch, Scratch…woof woof (translation: mama, it’s cold outside…let me in!!!!)
After letting the dog in I proceeded with fixing that much needed cup of coffee with extra sugar and half-n-half. Two sips and my eyes were opened. (looove making coffee strong) My blurry vision became clearer and I instantly wished I was still groggy. With clear eyes, I noticed my home was a WRECK!!!!
I ran about making the bed, vacuuming, dusting, putting away clothes, straightening the mess, cleaning the bathrooms, and spraying some Apple-Cider air-freshener throughout….Deeeeeeeep Breath…..ahhhh!!!
I sat down and proceeded to make the following:
Christmas to-do List:
1. Finish buying gifts
2. Wrap all gifts
3. Bake goodies to deliver
4. Try to stay sane
5. Mail Christmas cards (less than a week left before Christmas…gotta hurry)
6. Clean a few more houses next week
7. Remember to breathe
8. Determine what food to take to parties
9. Spend some time with friends
10. Try to stay sane
11. Finish watching my Christmas movies
12. Remember to Breathe
13. Deliver appetizers to the Fire Department Christmas Eve

Yep, that sounds like all.
But something was missing. I forgot one thing??? The edginess I felt couldn't disprove that I had forgotten something…. Let’s see…hmmm…okay
Woke up? – Check
Let the dog out to potty? – check
Coffee? – check
Clean home?- check


I reached over, grabbed the handy “one click turn-er on-er” my hubby got for our tree and clicked “on”

Suddenly my home was filled with bright Christmas lights and shiny, sparkly ornaments emanated delight. But something else was still wrong….

I felt a (figurative) tap on my shoulder.

God- “Good morning, Rachel! Busy this morning, huh?”
(Thought) Great! Got caught again!!!! – see November 24th entry
Rachel- “Yes, Lord…trying to wake up and get my day started.”
God- “I see that. I see that you are antsy, too”
Rachel- “yes, Lord…I am…I was feeling like something was missing and so glad you popped in to remind me.” (spoken with a fake niceness…see, I don’t like the Lord reminding me that I forgot Him, makes me feel bad)
God- “OK, well, I just wanted to let you know that I am still here and if you want to feel calmer, you know what to do.”
Rachel- “Yes, Lord…thank you”

Immediately I prayed, thoughts filling my mind. Thanking God for answering the prayers I asked last night and praying for the day ahead. Once I was done, I felt whole again and everything was in place.

This morning reminded me of what happens so often during this season. Of course, there are people who celebrate the “holiday” only- you know, those who don’t celebrate the Christ-child. Joyful with their lives filled with all the shopping, baking, presents, parties, etc… then becoming frazzled and stressed and anxious and all… and not really knowing why.

It came to my mind that I too, was beginning to get to that point and I needed a break. To stop and remember why the house was messy and why my tree was in the corner and to remember why the nativity scene on my table was there. It’s Christmas!!!
The most wonderful time of the year, for me.
I am so glad the Lord reminded me that putting Him before all this business is important. Without Him, all of this running about makes no sense and this getting frazzled is really silly. It is useless and unnecessary.
So #1 thing now on my to-do list is: make time with God first and foremost at the start of each day. I know by doing this, I will remember what this season means. I am thankful the Lord is in my life and for the reminders He gives me. Without Him, Christmas just would not be Christmas.