Monday, January 4, 2010

How to clean your home more effectively in 3 steps

When you are effectively trying to clean your home there are a few steps you can take to ensure it is done properly and efficiently without becoming overwhelmed. Whether it is deep cleaning or tidying up that you need to accomplish, here are three easy steps to help make your job less stressful.

1. Clean prior to cleaning.

Scan the house for “out of place items” and put them away. Carry a trash bag with you to empty the bathroom or office trash and pick up any tissues, magazines or newspapers lying around that need to be discarded. Grab the dirty glass from your beside table and throw it in the sink. Pick up the shoes from the kitchen floor and put them in the closet. Fold the blankets lying on the floor and put them away.

Note: when you are doing the scan through it is easy to become sidetracked---DON’T. For example, those shoes you are carrying to your closet reveal the bed needs to be made. Don’t do it yet…wait! After all misplaced items are put away you may begin the cleaning process.

2. Get ready for duty.

Get out all cleaning supplies you will need to clean your entire house and place them according to the job. This may consist of dust rags and cleaner that needs to wait for you on the coffee table. Or, it may be the Bathroom cleaners that need to be placed on the bathroom sink. Get all cleaning products, brooms, mops, and vacuum cleaners and lay them out. Once you have all items carefully laid out in each prospective room, it eliminates the time you will have to spend searching for each product between chores.

Note: Getting a cleaning bucket organizer with a handle that can travel with you from room to room shaves minutes off your time. Like this:

Or use an old mop bucket.

3. Make sure your chores flow easily.

Going from one task to the next will help to move the process along more smoothly if you take it one step at a time. For example, If you are cleaning your kitchen first, begin by unloading then loading the dishwasher, next you may wipe off your counters. Once that is done, sweep your floors to rid them of the dirt already there and the crumbs that may have fallen after you wiped your counters down and finally, mop your way out of the room.

Note: Start with one room at a time and stick with it! Clean that first room thoroughly before heading off to the next!!!!

Cleaning your home is not fun when you have other things you would like to be doing, but knowing how to organize and move efficiently through each room when cleaning your home will ensure a cleaner home in a shorter amount of time. Follow these steps the next time you clean and you can thank me later ;)


  1. This is very helpfull in theory. I think there are parts I just dont understand. I think a demonstration of this would make it easier for me. :).Great blog btw.

  2. Well, demonstrations are available but unfortunately..not free of charge :)