Monday, September 27, 2010

A Soul Preparing

Deeper colors, pumpkins sitting on the sidewalk begging to be taken home, sunflowers adorning gift shop counters and fields, excuses to be inside in pajamas at 7:00pm with shorter days here.



Weather man announcing “cooler temperatures this evening”, thoughts of stews, soups and the smell of cinnamon, naps on the couch and movies that make me cry. Pumpkin scented candles, apple cider and candied apples. Fairs and festivals and little children in light jackets running and laughing.


Squealing within at the chance to open the windows and doors in the evenings. Preparing to say goodbye to the hummingbirds that have enjoyed their sugar water this year. Wondering how I will de-stress as I am preparing for the time approaching when the mower hibernates till Spring.


Joyful for another Season come and gone, thankful for the trials and tears, triumphs and laughter. Reflective yet anticipating.

It is in the air and in my soul.


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