Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My Song for You!

Draw me closer to your heart. I want to see your face and feel your breath of everlasting life. To be enveloped in your Holy arms and feel hope alive; a secure peace. No pain, no tears, no confusion, no doubts.

Your hands catching the tears that fall. Your light illuminating my darkness. To receive your Spirit without interruption. Singing; Glory!

Glory to the King-Holy is the Lamb! Majestic and Worthy.

Draw me into your arms; peace singing melodies in my ear. Tearing down my insecurities. Emotions running deep within my soul. A fire burning within my heart to know you more.

Your eyes reflecting the love you have for me. Your smile portraying my worth in you. Seeing nothing else matters. Singing; Love!

Love is the King- Holy is the Lamb! Majestic and Worthy.

Beauty and Wonder; all of Creation Yours. Your child am I. Hold me Father and fill my void. Trusting you more and singing; Praise!

Praise to the King- Holy is the Lamb! Majestic and Worthy.

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